CRITTERS2YOU - Company Message
Hi my name is Spotty , I am a leopard gecko and I live with my best friend Zachary. I love to eat bugs yumyum. we sleep most of the day and play at night when other animals sleep.
Hello my name is Ricky, I am a Reticulated Python and I like to live alone, I spend most of the time eating . I am 3 years old and when I grow up I could be 25 feet long. 
Good day our names are Spike and Sandy, we are Bearded Dragons from  Australia. We like to sunbathe all day long and eat crickets, locust, wax worms and vegetables mmmmmmm
Hi my name is Pink, I am a Salmon Boa Constrictor. I Live with my pal Berny who is a Common Boa Constrictor, we like to eat rodents and keep very warm.
Hello my name is Zachary, I live at Critters2you with all my friends but my best friend is Spotty, We are Leopard geckos that come from Asia.
SSSSo nice to meet you my name is jesssss, I am a jungle jaguar Python.    
I'm only young and also live at Critters2you with lots of animals.
Hello my name is Charlotte I am a chilli rose tarantula ,people think I am a bit creepy but I am very very nice and friendly. The silk I make is stronger than rope.
Hi my name is Rango I`m a Yemen Chameleon I can change my colors at will so it`s easy to blend in with my freinds at Critters2you.
Hello my name is Molly I am a Crested Gecko. My favourite food is apple and pear baby food (love it).
I love to run jump and climb.
Meet the security team
O-Right my name is Iron man.
 I`m in charge.
The duck thinks he`s in charge but if your names not on the list your not getting in.
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